Wow Thanks Yay #46

In this edition: a new home for ALVO, the beautiful folks who built it, and some tunes for snoring & guzzling


5/18/20243 min read

As someone with a pretty solid case of ADD, I usually procrastinate writing these little missives until the last minute on Sundays.

This time, I’m writing to you on Saturday afternoon, as Ash and I have recently begun a new family ritual of “Screen-free Sundays” where we put down all of our tech from 10am until 7pm so we can focus on reading books, drawing, typewriting (Ash’s new passion of late), playing chess, dining with friends, or taking walks.

I’m curious to see if the quality of the writing in here isn’t isn’t improved a bit with more ease and time, too!


Speaking of procrastination, I’ve been meaning to update my voiceover branding, website, and demo tracks for about four years now. I created the branding waaay back in 2012, and the most recent site was built in 2015, so it was very much time.

Last fall, I finally started getting the ball rolling. After a little pause while we adjusted to life with our sweet little Aurelia Maeve this winter, all of the various pieces have finally fallen into place…

So I’m very happy to share with you today that Adam Lofbomm Voice (aka ALVO) now has a fully-renovated and elegant new home over at!

It feels so good to have a site that really showcases the breadth of work that I’ve done during my almost eighteen years in the business. Now I even have genre-specific pages and demos for the areas in which I specialize: eLearning/Corporate, Automotive, Explainers, and Audiobooks.

Please stop by when you have a sec, and let me know if you have any ideas about how I can make my new VO home even better.


On the topic of making things better, this new branding, site, and demos were very much a village-effort! I am very blessed to have so many talented and generous friends in my world who really stepped up for me on this project.

I am deeply grateful to folks like:

  • Bethany Bauman of Embody Design Co. in Nashville who provided me with a gorgeous set of branding assets as a test-case for her new semi-custom offering

  • Our dear pal in New York, Kat Hargrave, a creative director at Getty Images for years before opening her own design shop recently, who built the website for me

  • My VO sister-from-another mister, Ailana (aka Sophia Cruz) from Winning in Voiceover who wrote and directed my Commercial demo

  • And Jon Gallagher who handled that demo’s final production and mastering

But also absolutely essential to the process were all the dear friends, family, colleagues, and clients (yes, so many of you reading this!) who took the time to offer their valuable reflections and feedback that shaped the branding process, demo production, and site content.

Chief among them, of course, is my very best coach, cheerleader, co-creator, and confidant, Ashlinn Romagnoli.


Last but not least, did I mention that I have a new website?

Just kidding.

Something else I’d like to celebrate is the fact that I found a dear, old friend on Spotify this week.

Back in the good old days of the Internet circa 2009, I stumbled across this gem of a blog called Snore & Guzzle that included carefully curated pages devoted to highlighting Michael Neault’s particularly excellent taste in mid-century art, design, and cinema that I just adored exploring.

Michael would also post the most delightful digital mixtapes that perfectly aligned with the vibe of the site and were chock-full of atmospheric and obscure tunes, the Snore & Guzzle Radio Hour.

The original site disappeared years ago but, fortunately, I had downloaded all of the episodes and have carefully stored and treasured them in my music library ever since.

For some reason, I decided to google “snore and guzzle” the other day to see whatever happened to Michael and discovered that another fan, Jay David, had uploaded ten hours of his favorite tracks from the Snore & Guzzle Radio Hour to Spotify!

This guy has thoroughly awesome taste in music so I highly recommend you also check out the rest of his playlists, too. Some faves so far are Indian Summer, Thanksgiving at My Place, and F* Yeah Classic Country.

Now you’ve got your summer soundtrack covered!

Speak to you soon,