Wow Thanks Yay #44

In this edition...Best. Gift. Ever.

2/13/20242 min read

I totally meant to write to you on Sunday but I’ve kinda-sorta lost my sense of which day of the week it is because:


Aurelia Maeve Lofbomm-Romagnoli is here to stay!

This beautiful, healthy, happy little girl arrived on the evening on February 4th, and totally transformed our little family for the better.

She is, without a doubt, the very best decision the two of us have ever made aside from choosing to love one another for life.

Ash and I are being very intentional about focusing maximum attention on this precious little gem of a human and giving her the best first season of life we can.

So, if you happen to find I’m a little quieter or slower to respond than usual, this little gal is likely why.

That being said, I’m so fortunate to have an office just steps away from where our little darling sleeps so this new development really won’t interrupt my work very much.

In fact, Aurelia even joined me in the booth to record a couple of urgent edits for a client last week while Mama was sleeping and I was amazing to find she was as quiet as a mouse!

(She’s evidently a ninja-breather like her dad.)

This marvelous little soul has already been teaching us so many lessons in just a week and a half so I know I’ll have lots of great insights to share with you all real soon in an upcoming edition of Wow Thanks Yay.

But as for right now, King Diaper (my new honorific) evidently has a little job to do! :)

Speak to you soon,